Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Driven to the World

Did you see this New York Times Op-Ed piece? I think it showed up in the Tribune, too.

Evangelicals a Liberal Can Love - New York Times

What do you think? The sanctity of life surely extends to those in poverty and need. The Gospel must not only be believed, it must be lived. The love of Christ must drive us to the world!

HT: Steve Rein


Jeannett Gibson said...

Wow, that was a great article. Almost more interesting though, was the responses he received to the article, which he responded to on his blog. I didn't get through the whole thing, but what I did read was very interesting.

Joe Pollon said...

This article shows Mr. Kristoff’s bigotry hasn’t decreased one iota. He hasn’t learned that Evangelical Christianity has anything to offer or effects the people who practice it, only that some who practice it happen to have caught the “liberal” bug and are engaged in “liberal” causes.

It is exactly the same as the white man who praises an African-American who dresses “white”, acts “white”, and lives in a “white” neighborhood. He shows no interest in nor sees value in any things African-American.

So Kristoff is excited and praises Evangelicals who act like liberals, while ignoring the fact that “liberal” causes originate in the Bible. And if something as wonderful and true as caring for your fellow man is part of Christianity, then there might actually be other valuable truths in there.

So should one of these enlightened Christians he’s discovered tried to share some other nugget of truth like the sanctity of life or the importance of godly behavior in our personal lives, Kristoff would point and shriek “self-righteous”, “zealot”, “windbag”, you are a “plague upon our country.”

Marti Warde said...

I saw this article in the paper and was hoping you would too, Tim. Thanks for sharing it. I'm glad that more evangelicals are pairing missions with community development and relief work. I don't see how they can be separated, especially if we the work we do flows out of our love for God.

Steve Rein said...


As I mentioned at breakfast (but perhaps not very clearly), it is good that Evangelicals are sometimes or even often out-compassioning (firefox just informed me this is not a real word ... but nonetheless) liberals. I am also glad that even the most strident of liberals is noticing this and telling the PC crowd to not be so quick to judge and stereotype Christians.