Monday, February 18, 2008

Tour of California

After climbing Madonna more than once this morning with the crew, I had fun on this President's Day, watching stage 1 of the 2008 Tour of California. They have exciting full screen live video coverage HERE.

Stage 4 will finish right here in SLO on Thursday afternoon. See you there. . .

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jeff martin said...

Kind of impressed that PT is now a bonafide cycling fan...

Hincapie hit the deck today and lots of road rash. Not a good start for our SLO team!

Keep an eye on the lead motorcycle. It's none other than my dad. I am so proud of him. Pray for his safety and enjoyment. Out of a team of probably 20, he was chosen to be the lead moto for the breakaways so he will be in the front for the next few days. Just talked to him. He is going to get a bite and hit the hay.

You know where I will be on Thursday big boy!

Venga Venga Venga! Aleez Aleez Aleez!

Cycling season is underway!