Wednesday, February 20, 2008

doodoo or done?

Word on the street is that several of our young ones got a kick out of my talking about "doodoo" in Sunday's message . Don't you want to know what I 'm talking about?

We continued our Galatians Series, Getting Grace, this last Sunday. If you missed it, be sure to get caught up. The surprisingly short sermon, Why the Strong Words?, is posted in all the usual places and available for pick up next Sunday at the Welcome Cart.

Listen at the graceslo website

Listen at the itunes podcast


Phillip Moses said...
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Phillip Moses said...

My little guy got the message loud and clear:

Pastor Tim Theule said...

I love it, Phillip! Thanks for sharing and tell Zach I loved his great picture.

It fires me up that we are seeing more and more young ones in the worship service. They pick up more than we think they do. . .

Your kids are welcome in worship services at Grace!

Phillip Moses said...

Well, we've just started with Zak, and it's been a fun battle to teach him to settle down and pay attention and engage the sermon in whatever way he can.

One thing that would be SUPER helpful in getting him more involved is a heads-up on what songs we will be singing on Sunday.

If we knew what the music was going to be, we could spend some time teaching him the songs. He loves to sing, but if he doesn't know the song, he gets lost.

I know he'll learn them in time, but I want to do all I can to encourage him to participate.

What do you think?

Pastor Tim Theule said...

Great suggestion. . . I will pass it on to Pastor Al for discussion. It would help out Zeke, too. It gets way more engaging when they can read better and follow the screen slides. . . . Tim