Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gospel Coaltion Conference

We're having an amazing time together at the Gospel Coalition Conference back in Chicago this week. There has been no viable internet access at the conference center, so I've been Twittering the event on my phone. You can read my short updates along the way here or in the right sidebar.

Here's a pic of the crew at dinner taken by Scott Anderson, one of the guys with who we met last Spring when the hosted the regional conference in SLO. . . .

If you want to sample what we're enjoying, all messages are being both live streamed and uploaded to

I've been reflecting on the difference of coming and enjoying a conference like this live vs. just downloading and listening online. While it's sure a lot cheaper to listen for free online, there is something powerful about traveling together, eating together, processing, thinking and working through what we've heard together, and just getting away from all our normal responsibilities together.

We gotta keep doing this. Not necessarily every year, but regularly. We've got a great team.

Tonight we had a chance to share dinner with the executive pastoral team from Covenant Life Church, CJ Mahaney's former church and Josh Harris' present church. It was a thought-provoking and challenging discussion of shepherding, structure and church membership. Those are sharp guys, working hard to shepherd the flock of their Lord's people . . . . 4000 of them.

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