Thursday, April 09, 2009

updated blog roll

I just updated the "Other Blogs of the GraceSLO community because I noticed that blogger now offers a widget that gives you an option to see when the featured blogs have been updated last. Most recent blogs are then pushed to the top of that list. I think that's pretty cool.

I believe I've got the most comprehensive list of GraceSLO related blogs that's out there. Now instead of clicking to each one, you can use Life Together to see who is updating and when.

If you or someone you know in the GraceSLO community has a blog, let me know and I'll add them to the growing list. . . .I'm happy to mention them in a post when I add them to the blogroll.

Blogs are one way for us to connect and keep up with one another's lives.


Anonymous said...

Lisa Leonard has a new site:
Lisa Lewis just created a blog, too!

Brendan Clark said...

I have a, ummm, poorly updated blog :p

Mama Mote said...

You said you were going to add mine. :) One way to keep in touch when I go:

I see you got Summer's corrected. Great!

Deanna said...

Hi Pastor Tim- wanted to let you know that the Blog listed is our family blog maintained primarily by me, not Allen. Just incase you wanted to know.


Janice Phillips said...

I appreciate your blog roll. When I was new to Grace last fall, I used it to get to know people and yesterday when I was greeting, I actually met one of my favorite Grace bloggers! It was so cool! Yay for blogs and for greeting (shout out to the greeting team, such a great way to get involved!).

Oh, and I have a blog. ;-)

Janice Phillips said...

P.S. GREAT message yesterday. Very much looking forward to you posting the quotes you referenced...was talking over breakfast about that Tolstoy quote.

Tim said...

Thanks, guys. I'll add your blogs to the list. Keep em coming!