Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Revisiting Grace Connections & iPhone App.

P. Steve and I were having a conversation the other day about next steps in implementing and encouraging use of Grace Connections, our online directory and congregational database.

The reality is our Growth Group leaders and a few others are accessing and using it regularly, but congregational usage is pretty limited at this point. We'd like to see that and usage of our website grow in the coming days.

What's in it for you? Why should you use Grace Connections? Here are some neat things you can do right now . . .

  1. While we are talking about a new printed congregational directory, Grace Connections gives you access to a real time, current, searchable pictorial directory. You can update your own families profile and picture anytime.

  2. Grace Connections gives you current access to your YTD contributions to Grace, SLO. (Don't worry, you and our bookkeeper, who enters the information, are the only people who have access to your giving records. Neither I or any of our staff have access or ever see personal giving records. That's between you and the Lord.)

  3. Grace Connections gives you access to all open service opportunties at Grace and lets you know who to contact to get involved in serving others and meeting needs here at Grace. You can tell us when and where you'd like to serve and fill out a little profile that gives us information about your gifts, experience and heart. (Click on image below to see a larger pic!)

We're planning on doing more with Grace Connections down the road, so we want to nudge you in that direction, so you get increasingly familiar with using it.

Anyway, so Steve and were talking the other day, and I said, "They need to have an App for the iPhone, so that I can access the latest congregational directory wherever I am, when I need to visit an elderly person, or call someoone in need, or just contact someone who goes to the church. I happened to just quickly search the App Store and they've already got one.

It's not perfect yet, but it's a start. It only gives you default address, phone and email. Clicking on any of these address initiates a corresponding action . . . address pulls up a map and directions, clicking phone number, makes the call, and clicking email initiates a new email. I want all alternate numbers and emails, but it's a very helpful beginning. Though I think the graphics are bit corny, I'm digging the functionality. Grace Connections is now way more accessible and useful to me.

So all you iPhone friends out there, here's the App Store link . . .

You will need to punch our site number (110828), your username and password (which means you've got to register first, if you haven't).

Here's some other links that can get you started using Grace Connections:

Set up a new user account

Online User Guide

PDF User Guide

Email link if your having problems or need help

I've added a link to Grace Connections again in my sidebar, since I'm not sure how or when it disappeared. You can now enter Grace Connections right here at Life Together and also at the front page of our website.

Sign up, log in and click around and stay tuned for much more . . .

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Greg Johnson said...

Grace Connections is great!
I use it on a regular basis for phone numbers and such.