Monday, August 22, 2005

08.21.05 Audio Now Posted

I so enjoyed our time of worship together yesterday. We looked at the stages and seasons of faith at the end of Matthew 14, where Jesus and then Peter, walks on water. . . Struggling, Risking, Doubting, Worshpping Faith in Jesus.

I am so blessed to be able to do what I do. . . preach, pray and lead.

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Jeff Martin said...

Sure glad you mentioned one of the applications during your sermon. I must confess that I quickly review the Growth Group stuff at the beginning of each sermon to prepare my head for listening and learning. The one that grabbed me before the sermon is the one that mentioned "Stuggling faith vs. dormant, dead, lazy and listless faith."

Is struggling faith something that most/many contend with at Grace Church?

You explained the difference one time very well when I posed a sprititual concern that through my own daily life struggles and stresses I often struggle with the question of my own faith (or more specifically the quality of my convictions and faith in Jesus).

You simply answered that you rather see me grapple and question of my faithfulness (the struggle) than go down the path of feeling content or without any doubt (the dormant, dead, lazy and listless faith). Is this the difference you asked in the application? Maybe just a small example?

Don't worry, I will smack Phillip Moses with these Growth Group Question when we are back up and running...:) Thank you kindly for maintaining the Growth Stuff - It's a great help!

God Bless ya big boy.

Doug Kyle said...

Great peaching Tim. Wow! Enjoyed sampling it online. doug