Wednesday, August 31, 2005

08.28.05 Audio Now Posted

Sunday was a big vision day as we look forward to our jump to 3 services this Fall and move toward "Family Worship" together. In this weeks message, I tackled "A Vision for Family Worship" and tried to explain why we're committed to encouraging and facilitating families, parents and children, worshipping together in our worship services. It's countercultural and not the trend, so it demands explanation.

We always have people who can't be here on a particular Sunday, but if you missed this last Sunday, I want to encourage, implore, exhort, challenge you to listen to this sermon. If I could have you listen to any of the sermons I've preached in the last year, this is one I would choose, because it deals with our vision and where we're going in the coming months. Listen online by clicking below, or request a tape or CD, but please listen.

I heard few negatives and mostly positives, but I welcome all feedback. Do you get where we're going? Do you like it?

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Brian Wong said...

Hey Pastor Tim, that was, indeed a great message. I appreciate the points you brought out regarding the feeding of the 5,000 (20,000), but I'm not making the connection between Jesus' provision and the vision of Grace. It's just not clicking in my head. Can you help me understand? Thanks.

Alan Martin said...

Pastor Tim, I think that this visionary "trend" and your explanation of it are outstanding. My wife and I moved from a smallish church due to the fact that they had little in the way of Childrens Church. However, trouble integrating them into a larger church proved difficult and caused less than a perfect family worship situation. I think that the opportunity to have the kids participate in corporate worship, age appropriate worship, both or either is a great chance for those that do not fit into the mold, especially initially to find their way. Your message left no question in my mind that this is a great way to proceed. Thanks for helping families!