Monday, August 15, 2005

Podcasting Revisited

I've got to tell you. . . I am continuing to enjoy this whole podcasting revolution. I like being able to select the content that I want to listen to instead of having it pushed at me. There are more and more podcasts from places all over the world on all sorts of subjects.

Two podcasts I regularly enjoy are "Inside Mac Radio" (Apple Computer News) and "Reel Reviews: Films Worth Watching." It's awesome to be able to take these shows with me on my iPod, but I would also listen to them through my computer, if I didn't have an iPod.

I was in a gathering of pastors last week over at the Parable offices, and the subject of podcasting came up. Tom Ferrell from Atascadero Bible Church shared that they've just started podcasting their sermons which, like ours, are now available at the iTunes Music Store. Then Bryan Stupar from CalvarySLO pulls me aside and asks me, "How do you do this podcasting thing? Can you show me?" Who knows where this will go, but it seems to be going somewhere.

I think there should be more podcasts created here on the Central Coast. Here are podcasts I would be interested in:

• News & Views of the Central Coast
• Upcoming Cultural Events Happening here on the Central Coast
• What God is doing here on the Central Coast
• Moments in Central Coast History
• Sports News of the Central Coast
• SLO Chamber of Conference News
• SLO Downtown Association Happenings
• Moutain Biking on the Central Coast
• Parenting on the Central Coast

I would listen to the Dave Congalton show (920 KVEC) if it was podcasted. I think Dave's show is interesting, informative and showcases the broad diversity of the Central Coast. I usually catch only a portion of Dave's show on my way home at the end of the day. (Is there any other local radio programming that anyone wants to recommend?)

So here are some questions. . .

1. Do you get this whole podcasting thing? If so, is it a useful technology for you?
2. What podcasts are you enjoying?
3. What podcasts of a local or special interest nature might you be interested in?

Finally, if you want to get started listening to podcasts, here's all you have to do:

1. Download the free Mac or PC iTunes 4.9 software.
2. Open the softwware and click the iTunes Music Store.
3. Select Podcasts and start browsing for podcast (Punching "San Luis Obispo" in the search field will take you right to Grace's sermon podcast!)
4. When you have found a podcast that intersts you, hit the subscribe button.
5. The settings button in the lower right corner will allow you to preferences for how often podcasts are updated.
6. Have fun! Listen and learn.

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Tim Weaver said...

I just started grabbing podcasts beyond Tim's sermons. I'm getting ESPN radio's daily blurb. Bush's weekly radio address and I started grabbing Spurgeons sermons since Gordon pointed me toward them. Not sure what I'll keep. I may add the preaching from ABC. It's good to see what else is happening in the area.