Thursday, August 18, 2005

Pornography & the Church

Pastor Steve and the College Ministry Staff are really doing a great job with The Source blog. I was just catching up and came across an especially thought-provoking and troubling post. If you haven't seen it, pop over and read it.

the source: pornography and the church


Suzette Lyons said...

What an eye opening post. I am so glad that Pator Steve has brought this issue up. To me the saddest fact on that list was the average age of first time viewing of Playboy type magazines being 11 years old. The internet is such an unsafe place for children. Right now we have chosen to keep all of our children at home off the internet even our teenager.

I would be completely unaware of this issue except that Dobbson on the Family at 9AM on KLIFE 89.3 has had a few shows about the issue of pornography.

As magazines, TV and movies push the envelope almost everyone is exposed to some level of pornography. The more I have heard about the issue the more I notice things that just slipped by before as normal. We have had some serious discussions in our house about what is acceptable viewing. It is so hard to explain to teenagers. Our society says that it is normal and just innocent curiosity - "Everybody watches it." I have heard enough sad stories of the serious concequences that I see what a terrible lie that is.

I have been greatly blessed by the discussions on the radio. It has helped me in understanding the dangers and has given me the words to explain the dangers to my son - to explain why we can't allow it in our house - not the R rated soft porn nor the X rated stuff. I think he gets it. I hope he does, as he turns 18 in two months.

Missy Grant said...

I'm so glad Pastor Steve posted this blog. Unfortunately pornography has hit my family with a brother. He and his wife could have walked away from each other but chose to walk back to the Lord. They are living examples of God's grace and mercy and minister to many others who struggle with sexual addiction.

His struggles has caused me to rethink and evaluate so much in my life. I have changed how I view sex, how I parent and how I choose 'entertainment'.

Another brother and I were just talking yesterday about how satan is attacking young girls with 'romance' novels. The books that are being marketed to 8-12 year old girls is shocking! The statistics that Pastor Steve put out are right on the money. This is an industry that effects boys, girls, men and women. Too many churches have turned a deaf ear to this very serious issue.

If you struggle with any form of sexual addiction - get help. You are not alone. Don't believe satan's lies. Christ has gone before you and so desires to help you stand strong in this very real temptation. Talk to someone - get accountablity - talk with any of the pastors at Grace Church. I have seen with my own eyes the power of the Lord working in peoples lives. Those who struggle daily with porn. They are winning the battle - so can you.

Thanks Tim and Steve for not allowing our church to turn a deaf ear.