Monday, October 31, 2005

10/30/05 Message Now Posted

Sunday we looked at how a Gospel-Centered Community is a Remembering, Reforming, Renewing Community. . . how this is the Biblical pattern and the historical pattern. It needs to be happening personally in us and corportately among us. It needs to be happening continually and at special, designated times. . . like our upcoming 75th Anniversary Celebration.

Sunday's message is available now at Connecting - Grace Church, San Luis Obispo

To learn more about our upcoming 75th Anniversary, check out the special and emerging section of our website at Anniversary - Grace Church, San Luis Obispo

Also yesterday, we had our new children's choirs, His Image and Joyful Noise, join us in worship. They did such a fantastic job. I so appreciated the God-centered songs they sang and the fact that the words were projected on the screens for us to follow along. Many thanks to Solina Lindahl, Grace Van Doren, Missy and David Grant, Children's Ministry Director Dori Iunker and Worship Pastor, Al Streder for all their hard work and excellent coordination and team work.

It was a great Sunday. Any thoughts, comments or feedback?

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Jeannett Gibson said...

I have to admit that until Sunday's message I didn't really understand why we were making such a big fuss about the 75 year anniversary. I mean, a brief mention would have sufficed, or so I thought. But, you did your job, and got me totally stoked for the "party". I immediately racked my brain of people I could invite! And really, when you stop and think about it, having the same church not break up entirely for that long is a giant feat! Grace is not just that neat building on the corner of Pismo/Osos, but a vibrant and loving church community who is proud of all the Grace that God has given it!