Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pray for Diablo Families

I was once told by a guy in our church that if you look down the pews at Grace, in every pew you'd see at least one family who's involved out at Diablo in some way. That's a lot families!

This week Diablo begins one of it's 40 day outages. The longer I'm here, the more I start to grasp what a big deal this is for all these families. Longer work hours, sometimes 7 days a week. A real strain.

We ran into a family after church on Sunday at Panda Express. I happened to ask, "What are you guys doing the rest of the day?" The wife answered, "Well, the Diablo outage starts tonight." I said, "So this is kind of like your Last Supper." She said, "Yea."

Be praying for these families over these next six weeks. One more way we can live "Life Together."

Wierd Factoid: We used to live in San Clemente near San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, the only other functional nuclear power plant in Califormia. Now we live here near Diablo. I'm wondering. . . . is there some meaning or spiritual significance to this?


Andy Gibson said...

"Now we live here near Diablo. I'm wondering. . . . is there some meaning or spiritual significance to this?"

If you really want to open this political/economical/emotional can of worms.....I'll open it? I could spend hours.

Brian Wong said...

Would someone care to fill in those of us who are uneducated as to why an outage requires so much work? Are they performing maintenance?

My naiveness suggests that an outage would require less work, not more.

Andy Gibson said...

Yes, quite serious, time consuming, and stressful maintenance. Anybody else know more details?

Anonymous said...

The Gospel in Nuclear.

Maintenance is always required on a nuclear power plant but it can only be completed when the plant is off line. At this time workers can enter the "dome" without the risk of getting high doses of raditation. So anything and everything gets scheduled for this time.

Robbin said...

I know some of these families and can see what a stressful time this can be? Yes, pray for them and their families as they live basically without a spouse/parent for 6+weeks. I know they would appreciate this.