Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Grace Seminars Start This Sunday

It's been a crazy busy season of change here at Grace this Fall. If you're like me, you've probably had a hard time getting your head around all the growth opportunities that have been popping up from Growth Groups to new kid's choirs. Well here's one more that I want to make sure you haven't missed. . . . Grace Seminars. . . which kick-off this Sunday, October 9!

Grace Seminars are Pastor Steve's brainchild to fill an important and valuable niche for topical teaching on relevant theological and practical Biblical topics. Grace Seminars are user-friendly in that they only meet for 4-8 weeks! They're convenient in that they are on Sunday mornings (this Fall during the 3rd service) when we're already here and perhaps looking for something to do while our kids are in choir. (What's another hour?)

Here are this Fall's Grace Seminar Topics. . . .

1. The Christian Family Seminar—Paul Evangelista (Rm C14)
10/09/05 A Balanced & Directed Day
10/16/05 Love Languages
10/23/05 Dating Your Spouse
10/30/05 Spending One-On-One Time with your Child
11/06/05 Family Traditions

2. Bible Basics—Dave McShea (Rm B207)
In this seminar we will look at the development of the Bible from author to us. If you’ve ever had questions about who decided these books should be in the Bible, how it’s been preserved for thousands of years, or how we ended up with so many translations, then you’ll want to jump in to this seminar October 9! History of the Bible

3. Equipping Families for Congregational Worship—Bob Eckman (Rm C213)
10/09/05 Preparing Your Family for Worship
10/16/05 Making the Most of the Worship Experience Before, During and After
10/23/05 Preparing Your Family for Baptism
10/30/05 Preparing Your Family for The Lord's Supper

4. Apologetics & the Problem of Evil—Mark Case (Rm C11)
Have you ever been challenged by the question "How can an all powerful all loving God allow evil in the world?" Or has anyone ever asked you "Can a loving God send people to hell?" And what about the atheist who says he can believe in God if His existence were more obvious? In this seminar we will take up the question Christian philosophical response to the problem of evil hell, divine hiddeness.

This all looks like great stuff and it all kicks off this Sunday. So jump in and get involved. I so wish I could, but I am a bit tied up during the 3rd hour.


Kevin Heldt said...

Is it possible for the materials for these studies be made available online for folks who can't make it 3rd hour or for anyone interested in more than one topic?

Jeannett Gibson said...

I second that motion...teaching 3rd Hour 2's & 3's, while a blessing, proves difficult for some of these other opportunities...or maybe the next round can be held 1st or 2nd service?

Pastor Tim Theule said...

Good questions, Kevin & Jeanette! This Fall we are just getting started. I imagine that some of these Seminars will happen annually or seasonally. Long term, our vision is to see Seminars happening in all three services. All in due time. If you want notes now, your best bet is to contact the Seminar teachers directly. Posting notes on the web is a possibility long term.