Monday, October 03, 2005

New & Improved!

Up until now, if you've tried to listen to a message on Monday that you missed on Sunday to prepare for your Growth Group, you've probably discovered that messages are not normally posted until Tuesday afternoon. All that has now changed. Messages are now being posted on Sundays immediately after services. Normally it's the 2nd service that is posted, so I'd venture to guess that it may even be posted during the 3rd service!

This is especially relevant this week with 150+ of our folks away at the Grace Family Campout. If you missed Sunday, catch up! Our Fall series, "A Gospel-Centered Community" is so very vital for us as we look in the mirror and look down the road together. This week we discovered in 1 Corinthians 12 that a Gospel-Centered Community is a Diverse United Community!

You can listen now at

The podcast should be updated by tomorrow. Many thanks to Mike Borland and the Tech Team for implementing this valuable change!

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Brian Wong said...

What a great use of technology! Are we going to see streaming sermon content any time soon?