Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Clueless Christian

Check out this fresh testimony by Moby. . .

I've never heard Moby's music (so culturally irrelevant, huh?), but I agree with him. . .

"The world is a complicated and nuanced place."

Let's not act like it isn't.


Brian Wong said...

Wow, late night post, eh? Interesting stuff.

Roy said...

Very Interesting and true!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Didn't know Moby was christian...not much of a Moby fan, music is kinda weird techno-ish...but cool interview. I love hearing all the different stories of how and why they came to be believers.

My favorite quote: "God, do Your Will...I might not LIKE Your Will..."

I feel like this a lot...'okay God, but be gentle!'


Shane Williams said...

As a fan of Moby's music for several years now, the topic of his Christianity has come up several times. I want to be excited about his profession of faith, but it comes with such a mixed message in his life acted out. From things said on stage in concerts to explicit songs he chooses to use on his albums, he is very confusing (and/or confused).

Until this little video clip, I would of classified him as a public voice who thought it was "cool" to say he was a Christian, but his life didn't reflect it. In this clip, it's interesting to hear his strong knowledge of the scriptures, yet still sounding confused. At the same time, there are classes at Cal Poly about the Bible - taught by folks that don't necessarily believe the real truths in it.

I guess the only thing we can do -- with people like Moby (and Bono for that matter) -- pray that they not only have a clear understanding of what being a Christian means, but that they use their cultural popularity to spread the Word - instead of confusing our young people even more.

Travis Thompson said...

There is a great article on Moby in an old issue of RELEVANT magazine which talked about his faith (as well as his music and other things...) it's definately worth the read if you ever got your hands on it.

Interesting guy for sure... at least no one can say he's not honest about his faith, I think that's pretty clear