Wednesday, October 11, 2006

on the air

We are pleased to announce that "same day" messages at Grace can now be heard all over the Central Coast on 890 AM at 11:00 Sunday mornings. These messages will be rebroadcast at 6:00 PM the following Saturday evenings.

We hope this will serve as an outreach to unbelievers in our community and also a resource to the family at Grace. Susie listened last Saturday since she was at home with sick Haaken the previous Sunday.

Just one more way for us to hold forth God's transforming Word of God.

Paul, in I Thessalonians 1:8, commends the church at Thessalonica because the Word of the Lord was "sounding forth" from them. May it do so from Grace as well.

Many thanks to the Fuglers for their sacrifice and service in making it all possible.

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