Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ethiopians in SLO

I've been a bit more atuned to Ethiopia in the news now that we have three adopted Ethiopian children in our church family. Here's a disturbing article about some stuff brewing over there . . .

WORLD Magazine | Weekly News, Christian Views

Incidentally, I've had the wild hare idea that the families of Grace should just keep adopting Ethiopian children. How cool would it be to have 20, 30 or 50 Ethiopian kids in our church who could all grow up together?

Who's in?


Andy Gibson said...

Sure, why not.

Actually, Jeannett and I have talked about adopting an older child. Not necessarily Ethiopian, but in talking with Brianna and Kevin, it sounds like it remains one of the, for lack of a better word, "easier" countries. But I could be wrong, I haven't spent hundreds of hours researching yet.

Lisa Lewis said...

I would so adopt a whole family of children! Pray for me with my aching momma heart and empty sweet husband is not on the same page. But I do pray for the children of the world who do not have loving arms to hold them that God will provide those who are able to give them a home and security in I have been with you Tim in praying for more families to adopt!

Brianna Heldt said...

Our own hope is to continue adopting Ethiopian children throughout the years. If anyone desires to help but not specifically through adoption, there are countless other ways to help orphans and Ethiopians in general, that are just as vital. Anyone can feel free to ask me if they want to know how.

I hadn't heard about these terrorist attacks on Ethiopia. Being that my sons are from there and have birth family still there, I obviously feel very connected to Ethiopia. I always hope and pray things there will improve, and rest (or try to) in the fact that God sees every tear that falls.

Anonymous said...

That would be awesome! Mike and I have always planned on adoption and were in the works when Zeb showed up. ...And then Nehemiah... We figure we have to not be pregnant for a long enough period of time to realize it's time to adopt. Ethiopia would be a great choice. Haven't spent time with Eli, but Biniam and Yosef are such sweeties.

kristen borland