Monday, October 02, 2006

A great church or a great city?

Great and challenging quote I ran across this morning. . .

If the aim of your church is for a great church--you will only feather your own nest. But if the main aim of your church is to build a better city--then in the end you'll also have a vibrant church. --Ray Baake
1. Do we believe this?
2. How do we do this?

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Lisa Lewis said...

Are you asking for theory or practice? My guess would be a little of both.
In the Growth Groups, ABFs, Women's Bible Study, College Ministry, Youth Ministry, start having the regular habit of hearing from people how they are personally living out the Gospel in their circle of influence. We often think that testimonies are relegated to making a statement of faith in Christ for the first time and to baptisms. Believers are built up by hearing how Christ is at work in the lives of others. Perhaps that is how we are to encourage one another to love and good deeds?
Francis of Assisi is quoted thus, "Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary, use words."
We can be assured that if the fragrance of Christ permeates our being then others will notice without us telling the four spiritual laws or John 3:16. We can't be afraid to be in the world! They are the ones who need to know Christ! If we spend all our available time with other believers how will those who don't yet know Jesus get to know Him? If each one of us who claims Grace Church as their spiritual community really engages in their circle of influence and trusts God with the outcomes, then we will be showing more love to the city in many different places and unique ways. Tim's calling is to the large group. We are all called to love the one who comes to mind right now as needing Christ. Loving isn't simply telling them they need Jesus. Loving is serving, sharing time, talent, material wealth, words of encouragement, a hug if appropriate, and tears when there is hurt.
Let's all think of one person who we know we can be more engaged with and love them into the kingdom for God's glory.