Monday, October 23, 2006

Grace Folks in the News

After being down in Escondido last week for Susie's Dad's 70th B-day party last Monday, I never recovered enough to find time to post last week, but I'm back.

(There is never enough time to do all we'd like to do!)

I always am encouraged when folks from the family of Grace make the news. I caught a couple in the last few weeks. . .

Steve Frank, Senior Civil Engineer for the county of San Luis Obispo, who also suffers from adrenomyeloneurapathy, a rare nervous disease, was profiled in the Trib's Work Spaces. Steve is confined to a wheel chair, but refuses to let that slow him down. . . A great example to me of perseverence and hope. Christ is being exalted in his body.

San Luis Obispo Tribune | 10/17/2006 | Work Spaces

Jonathan Kelly and Tom Severson, who also both attend Grace, were profiled in the Trib's business section on October 14 for their creation of Omnispense. a web-based bill paying site for college students. Two great guys with a great idea who want to make a difference in this world. Jon and Tom are both eight o-clockers. Tom and I mountainbike once in a while.

San Luis Obispo Tribune | 10/14/2006 | Call it a computerized 'running tab'

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bob eckman said...

Just a note about Steve Frank. He was instrumental in getting our traffic congestion problem corrected at the Las Tablas 101 exit in Templeton. There are 4 intersections within a short distance of each other right off this exit. With the traffic from Twin Cities Hospital and the many Doctors offices on Las Tablas, before the improvements, it was near impossible to exit the freeway safely unto Las Tablas. Besides some widening to the exit, Steve was responsible for the traffic light system controlling the maze. He told me the system is the latest and greatest technology and I must admit, the lights are timed perfectly and the control of traffic is the best I have ever seen. Several times Kathy and I, while on our walks, would come across Steve as he would be "checking progress" on the project. He always had a great deal of enthusiasm and optimism for what he was going to accomplish. Thanks Steve for making things MUCH SAFER and efficient for us in North County. We appreciate it much...