Thursday, April 03, 2008

the church has left the building . . .


Our first annual Serve Day is happening Saturday, May 3rd. This is the way we shine for Jesus in the world, not by exercising dominion, but by serving in His name. Living the Gospel! In terms of Galatians 6, "Not growing weary in well-doing . . . but doing good to all men . . . ".

Sign ups for projects starts this Sunday. Our projects list includes the following 21 projects . . . so far . . .

1. . The Manse: Window washing, dusting, etc. Eating lunch with the residents.

2. Cookies for Cops: Baking & delivering cookies to firefighters & police officers.

3. Las Brisas Retirement Home: Planting a garden and other maintenance.

4. Prayer Project: Pray for the Serve Day projects as they are going on.

5. Judson Terrace Homes: Painting and moving furniture.

6. Military Care Package: Assembling care packages for the armed forces.

7. Meals on Wheels: Cooking and serving food at Sunny Acres with Heritage Foods.

8. Garden Creek Retirement Home: Categorizing and reshelving library books.

9. SLO Food Bank: Serving food, washing dishes etc.

10. Degroot Home: Take care of disabled infants and help around the house.

11. Choices/Lifeline: Indoor cleaning, moving furniture, etc.

12. Anderson Hotel: Painting

13. Maxine Lewis Homelss Shelter: Building shelves and painting office facility.

14. Upper Crust Trattoria: Bussing tables and washing dishes.

15. SLO Classical Academy: Assembling picnic tables.

16. SLO City Clean-up: Landscaping, weeding, yardwork, etc.

17. SLO High School: Campus Clean-up.

18. AIDS Support Network: Cleaning the facilities.

19. Women's Shelter: Assembling gift baskets for battered moms.

20. SLO City Graffiti Clean-up: Painting over graffiti.

21. Poinsettia Property: Landscaping lot in low cost housing area.


Anonymous said...

Pastor Tim - where do I sign up?
I would love to hold the babies and help out at the Degroot Home.

allen peek

Matt said...

I loved hearing the importance of service over dominion last night in impacting the culture and kept thinking about Serve Day and the great impact this event could have on our community. I'm fired up too.

Brianna Heldt said...

how exciting! i'm sorry we'll be missing it. i would have loved to have spent time at the degroot home--i've been there before and will never, ever forget those children that 99.99% of society has forgotten. the degroots provide an amazing service and will surely be blessed by any help they receive!

Kristen Borland said...

this sounds like such a wonderful idea!! makes me want to come borrow you're church for the weekend... but we have other obligations that day. i hope you post about how it all went.

Brian Wong said...

Wow, I'm amazed! Great to hear the church is being called to serve together on that day. Don't think I'll be able to make it, but sounds like a lot of fun.

Sounds like you've got a ton of projects lined up that will benefit a lot of people.

Are you guys ever gonna make the High School Mexico Trip into a church wide project? I know the logistics would be horrendous, but that would be awesome!