Saturday, April 19, 2008

Team One Source Results

For those of you who care . . . here are the race results:

Ben Collins, 18-24 beginner class . . . 1st place
Mark Ernstrom, 30-34 beginner class. . . . 5th place
Me, 40-44 beginner class. . . 6th place

Chad Theule, 35-39 sport . . . 1st place, best of 1000 who raced Sport Class
Sean Cheney, 30-34 sport . . . 2nd place

David Leece, 45+ masters road race . . . 2nd place. David raced again Saturday afternoon, results not yet posted. (HT: Jeff Martin in the first comment! Sorry, David, for the initial omission.)

I'd say the SLO One Source made a pretty good showing. . . Post a few pics soon.

Got another race tomorrow. . . its called preaching. . . see you then . . . and then Christ in the Passover tomorrow night at 6:00. Bring the Fam.


Jeff Martin said...

Incredible results and you all did very well. Awesome to see the work pay off as it did.

One other very good mention is David Leece. He placed 3rd in 45+ masters road race circuit. Bravo as well David!

Pastor Tim Theule said...

Yep. . . David's results should have been posted as well. Will amend the post. . .

Anna Lyons said...

You guys did SO well! We were so excited to find out the results. We checked them Friday night to find out about Ben and you and then Sat. afternoon to find out about Sean and Chad. Great Job!!! I hope that it was a fun experience!