Wednesday, April 16, 2008

race day

After 3 mos training, Friday is race day at the Sea Otter Classic. Ready. 19 miles on the dirt with 100+ other 40-44 year olds. Weather looks good. Resting hard this week. Last lazy ride this afternoon. Steak tonight. Pasta tomorrow. Drive up with the fam Friday morning. 4:05 start time. Can't wait.

Here's a vid of the race course. At 10 minutes, probably a bit long for most of you, but it will give you a taste of what Mt. Biking is all about. This course is definitely flatter and faster than what we ride daily here in SLO . . .


Anna Lyons said...

Sea Otter!!! Wahoo! I really like the course really is a fast course. It was probably the fastest hour and fifty minutes of my life! Yay! You guys will have a blast and I really wish we were doing it. It was my last chance to get 1st place. :) I move up to the next age category next year and those women are FAST! My third place time last year was like 12th place in the next age category. Oh well. We'll be praying for you injuries please! :-) Maybe one of you will be bringing home a medal and a fatty box of Clif Bars!

John Marc Wiemann said...

I can't wait to show my boys the video when I get home. JP (15) is really into mountain biking. He is trying to talk his brother (14)and me into selling our dirt bikes (motorcycles) and start pedaling. I know I could use the exercise!

God bless in the race. Don't ride faster than your eyes can see.

Rob Gunn said...

That looks like a fun ride! Mtn biking was just starting when I left SLO for Utah. There are great rides here too, but very different topography! It makes me homesick!

Where is the course? I'd like to ride it next time I am there!

Rob Gunn