Thursday, April 24, 2008

dinner and lost

Lost is back tonight after a strike induced 4 week break. Susie and I are going to catch a rare kidless bite and then head over to the Lindahl's for the mid-season re-entry.

Bill and Solina have been kind enough to consistently let us crash for the BIG Lost episodes. . . you know, start of the season, end of the season finales and such. . . since we watch at the day after. We eat all their ice cream and they don't seem to mind.

A silly, but fun, escape. I haven't even watched any previews for tonight's episode, so it should be fresh.

Have I ever mentioned the Jay and Jack podcast. . . . I have to listen after every episode for the recap and all the easter eggs. These guys are fun and they grow on you. Some of my electronic "friends."

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Carrie Haughey said...

oooh!! Kyle and I recently started watching Lost, but we have started from the beginning, so we are only on the first season... Come to think of it, we haven't watched in a while, we need to get started again so we can eventually watch live, or at least within the same week... American Idol, and The Office have grabbed our attention, now that they are back on the air after the writers strike!! Although, Idol wasn't affected by the strike. Never mind! :0)