Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grand Opening

Its been a full week, between these two Fall Kick Off Weekends. Last Sunday was out of the building, this Sunday we're dedicating a building.

I am told that attendance was up last Sunday over previous year's Kick Offs. 60 something college kids rode the bus from Cal Poly. We served 249 free meals to guests that were with us. In addition, we were excited to take lots and lots of leftover chicken to the Prado Day Center to feed those in need. I've received several emails from visitors who kindly took the time to write and say how much they enjoyed the day.

Here's a slideshow of pics from last week . . .

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and here's the all-church email that was sent this afternoon. . .

Beloved Family of Grace,

Last Sunday's Fall Kick Off was amazing! Thanks for your part in inviting friends and serving. A special thanks to our Karen Weaver and Darrell Daniels who rallied our ACE and BBQ teams to provide lunch. The day was everything our Ministry Staff hoped and prayed it would be . . . and more.

So let's do it again, but differently, this Sunday. . . . We want to keep the spirit and energy of the Fall Kick Off going as we throw open the doors of the newly remodeled Founder's Hall and Early Childhood Center. Our aim on this special morning is to celebrate God's faithfulness and provision and remind ourselves what church buildings are for, remembering along the way that we will have a bunch of new college students and families with us for the first and second time. We want these visitors to feel welcome and a part of the celebration.

Remember, this Sunday begins our fall 3 Service Schedule. Services happen at 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00. Once again we want to encourage all of you to consider attending the 8:00 hour if at all possible to make room for newcomers. Also, this fall is another great time to make a commitment to park in the parking structure to enable our seasoned citizens, those with special needs and visitors to park upfront and close. These are two great ways to live the Gospel with one another this fall!

I can't wait for you to see the beautiful and functional new space that God has provided, through your faithful and joyful giving to Grace, for the exaltation of His name and extension of His kingdom. You're going to love it! I'll see you at the door!

Because of and for the Gospel . . . Pastor Tim

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