Friday, September 19, 2008

Walt Fuller

I mentioned in last week's message that Walt Fuller, the father of one of our beloved college students, Kristi Fuller, was tragically killed in that train wreck in Simi Valley last weekend.

While the family no doubt is grieving their loss, at the same time, they are looking to the Lord and seeking to exalt Him in the midst of their trial . . .

Check out a video of Kristi with her mom and brother talking about her dad,

Here is a section from an article on the NBC website,

"A Starbucks just a block from the Metrolink's Simi Valley station was frequented by many of the dead, who grabbed their coffee there before boarding the train.On Sunday, the daughter of one victim sat in an overstuffed armchair in the coffee shop and remembered her father, Walter Fuller.

Kristi Fuller said her family learned Saturday morning that her 58-year-old father was sitting in the front passenger car of the train in a forward-facing chair. Other family friends who were riding in backward-facing chairs walked away from the crash, she said.The 22-year-old said her father was in charge of the control tower at Burbank Airport, north of Los Angeles, and worked for the Federal Aviation Administration. Calls to the FAA were not immediately returned Sunday.

"It was very sad, we miss him and we miss him in our home -- but we know that he went to a better place," said Fuller, who described her family as devout Christians.Fuller said her father, who was nicknamed "Grandpa" for his premature gray hair, loved practical jokes and kept a jar of candy on his desk."He was serious when he needed to be," she said, "but he loved to joke around and give everybody a hard time."

Take a look at what others have written about Walt Fuller at

Keep praying for the Kristi and the entire Fuller family. Memorial services are to held tomorrow, Saturday, September 20 at 10AM at Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley. The church web site has directions available if you need them

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