Monday, September 08, 2008

Survey says. . .

Last weeks poll is officially closed and here are the results:

How many blogs do you actively keep up with? (Total respondents = 78)

• Only life together 10 (12%)
• 1-5 30 (38%)
• 6-10 10 (12%)
• 11-20 13 (16%)
• 20-50 15 (19%)

Do you use a reader to read blogs? Total Respondents = 63)

• I use a reader 11 (17%)
• I go to the blog page 26 (41%)
• I don't know what you're talking about 26 (41%)

Not sure what exactly it means, but here are a couple of thoughts:

1. There are at least 78 readers of life together, not just the 10 who regularly comment. This is encouraging to me.

2. Life Together readers span the spectrum in terms of blog savvy. 26 respondents don't know what a blog reader is. 10 identify life together as the only blog they read. Yet at the same time there are 15 respondents who say they actively keep up with more than 20 blogs. (How do they do that?) Most of us can only handle keeping up with 1-5 blogs. I love it that there are a wide variety of folks who read life together.

Any additional reflections . . . .

So, this weeks survey is now posted in the right margin. Thanks for sharing. . .


andy gibson said...

How often do you read life together?

How can I answer that, it depends on how often you post. Sometimes it's every couple of weeks...... ;)

Jacquelyn said...

I agree with Andy, you need to reconfigure your poll for more accurate results. And since I am one of the people that keeps up with 10-20 blogs (google reader rocks) just so you know only about 5-7 of any of them post on the same day (I have a lot of cousins that only blog about once a month) so it's not so hard and without an iphone to keep me busy what else would I do? ... facebook all day? :)

Tim said...


If you use a reader, I'm assuming, like those who subscribe via email, that you are gong to catch all new posts pretty quickly. This survey is not really aimed at you. My goal with this survey is to try to determine how often to post. I'd sure like to post every day, but you bloggers know its a tough discipline. I get going and then the rest of life happens. I go dry. I get busy. I get lazy. No one comments, etc, etc. I'm already motivated to know that there are 78 people who responded to last weeks survey. 78 readers is worth my time. I'll stick with it for now. And I'll add a "I use a reader" response to the survey, if it will let me. . . .


Keith said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog over the past year or so, but I feel bad --this being my first comment. Your blog rocks, a sweet collision of family life, church life, and thought provoking tidbits and articles (loved Pandora radio, by the way). So, although I have no idea how you find the time, keep at it if at all possible!