Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This Week's New Blogs

Found 2 more. . .

The Martin Family at Jeff and Jenn are good friends and actively involved in leading one of our South County Growth Groups. They're both into cycling. Jeff is into fishing. Jeff is one of the most encouraging guys I know. He wasn't sure about going public with the blog, but I encouraged him to let his light shine. He finally gave me permission to share his address.

The Badger Family at involved here at Grace for years and most recently as Growth Group leaders. Many of you know that Cara is now battling cancer, just after the birth of their second little girl. They're sharing their journey on their blog. I loved the post after the worship service last Sunday. We're committed to loving this family through this horrendous trial.

I've added them to the sidebar. It's getting to be quite a list. Am I missing any? Let me know.


Irish Girl said...

I have a blog too! :) I started it so everyone there at my true "home church" and other friends and family could keep up to date with me in Texas :)

miss you all!!!
Heather Kelley

Joanie said...

Pastor Tim, here's my blog. I fear it might be a little boastful, but I couldn't resist a shout out for Grace church! Hopefully there is some boasting for Jesus going on in there.

It is also very suspect that I let you know about the blog only after I did my last entry on spiritual matters, rather than when I was just talking about the kids or the kitchen...

I try to have a sense of humor about these matters.