Wednesday, October 08, 2008

the power of focus

As a staff, we talk continually about focus and calling. What are we as a church called to do? What is our unique mission as this single local church? One of the reasons we talk consistently about this is because it's very apparent that there are lots of folks with all sorts of agendas for the church . . . causes we should be championing, ministries we should be starting, needs we should be meeting. All good things, but we can't do it all and so we must often respond with a gentle "no." It's not easy. We believe there is great power in focus.

If you've been coming around Grace just a little while and you haven't figured it out yet, our focus is the Gospel. We believe the Gospel, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, not only gives us right relationship with God, but it also changes our lives. Therefore, our focus is to be a Gospel-centered church and live Gospel-centered lives.

Our vision is to see lives, families, our community and the world transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to celebrate, proclaim and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the Central Coast and beyond.

The Gospel Coalition, a loose association of pastors and churches is focused on the same thing. It delights my heart to hear these men articulate our own convictions so well. Here's a great expression of what it means to be Gospel-centered . . .

Our Pastors are working hard to make it to the Gospel Coalition National Conference coming up in April 2009.

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Matt said...

Such a great expression of the laser-focus Christians should have on the Gospel to glorify Christ!

I've been reading through a Christian Classics Curriculum from the Gospel Coalition this year and it is one of the many great resources they provide!