Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Gospel & Your Marriage. . . . more

Two weeks ago, we talked about God's purposes for marriage. Last week, we looked at God's plan for marriage. This coming week, we're going to explore the intimate and vulnerable area of sex under the heading, "The Gospel & Your Sex Life."

I've been encouraged by the emails I've received and the discussions I've had with folks who are thinking about and working on their marriages. People outside our church are being referred to and are listening to the messages.

Since we're in the marriage game, I wanted to point you to more great resources on marriage from our Grace library archives. We need to hear great teaching on Biblical marriage again and again and again. Your marriage is worth the investment.

1. Paul and Virginia Friesen on Marriage, February 11, 2007

Session 1
Session 2

2. David Hegg on Marriage, July 2004

Session 1: The Meaning of Marriage
Session 2: Marriage with a Heavenly Mindset
Session 3: Marriage with a Heavenly Ethic

3. Other messages I've preached on marriage

Colossians 3:18-21: Bringing Christ Home: July 6, 2003
Matthew 5:27-32: Kingdom Community & Marriage: August 8, 2004-Part 1
Matthew 5:27-32: Kingdom Community & Marriage: August 8, 2004-Part 2
Matthew 19:1-12: What God Has Joined Together: February 26, 2006

I'll be fired up if you listen to just even one more message, but why not take the time to listen to them all?


Mama Mote said...

And if people need CDs, I can make more.

Brian Wong said...

I'll be in SLO this weekend. I'm looking forward to hearing your message. I'll be interested to hear how you make it applicable to those of us who aren't married. But I'm not that far from making the leap.

Brian Wong said...

Oh yeah, also looking forward to seeing the newly opened Founder's Hall and Early Childhood Center.