Wednesday, October 15, 2008


As I said a couple weeks back, I believe there is much at stake in the upcoming election on November 4. . . . especially here in California. I again urge you to vote your conscience, vote your biblical convictions and vote for the welfare of our community.

But here's the thing. . . .you can't vote if you're not registered. If you've recently moved (like we have) or recently married, you must re-register. The voter registration deadline is this Monday, October 20. Your voter registration must be postmarked by that date.

You can download voter registration info and forms HERE. I just did.


Suzette said...

Not only am I registered, but I have an absentee ballot sitting on my kitchen counter right now. Very convenient. I highly recomend it.

Anonymous said...

Last Sunday morning my family and I sat in the back row during third service. The music started and three young ladies filed in and sat with us. I noticed that they weren’t too excited to make eye contact or return our greeting – no big deal.

I sat closest to them and also noted that they were extremely fidgety and somewhat disruptive – at least in our close proximity. They laughed, rolled their eyes, and scoffed at almost every point you made. When you expounded on the truth that Marriage is given by God as a crucible for life-transformation, you said that our partners are used like a giant chisel in the hand of God to transform our lives. Then you said something like, “look at your partner and say...” – at that point two of the young ladies stared at one another (making it obvious that they were partners). All three of them laughed.

Without a doubt they were with a group that was distributing ‘vote no on prop 8’ flyers on windshields that morning. Did you get one?

I prayed for them during the service and desired to talk with them after. However, they left before the service ended. But they did hear the entire sermon! I wonder why they THOUGHT they were there?

My family and I thank God for your faithfulness in bringing the full counsel of God – even when it’s not easy. It was obvious these young ladies were offended. But they were offended at the message, not the messenger. As always, you delivered the hard truths of God with compassion and pleading. Keep it up brother!

May King Jesus receive all the honor, glory, and praise through the seeds that was sown.


Anonymous said...

Whoops ! posted this in the wrong spot, sorry.