Wednesday, October 29, 2008

sign of my life

My kids call my "beater" a "magic car" because we can fit so much stuff in it. Here's what it looked like when I dropped the kids off at school this morning . . . . 4 backpacks, a soccer duffle and more. How's that for "real life."

(How does the Gospel relate to that? I'm sure I can come up with a way! Let's see . . ."because I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams in Christ, I can drive a magic "beater." What I drive is not my life, Christ is my life!)

Well, even though I am not what I drive, I finally am starting to think about retiring "the beater" and getting something else. The beater has 212k miles and it was built in 1990. I got it from my bro-in-law when it had 90k miles at least 10 years ago. It was hit by a guy driving a Porsche as it sat out in front of our house last January, so it now has salvage title. She's served us well, but soon it will be time . . . .

So we've been going back in forth in our thinking about what to get next. We probably won't get a new car unless we can find some killer 0% financing. I'm thinking either a Toyota truck with an extended or double cab or perhaps a turbo diesel Jetta wagon, which I've heard get something like 45 mpg and will go for 200k miles plus.

The truck would be fun and practical and I've always wanted a truck.

The Jetta would be practical and economical.

What's your vote? Other suggestions? Maybe I'll make it the next survey?


andy gibson said...

Toyota Truck, hands down. LOTS of good deals on 2006 and under double cab Tundras right now because of gas and the model changing to a bigger 5.7L engine in 2007. I've thought of upgrading from my 2000 Tundra (so yeah, I'm bias), but I can't give it up. But they run forever (I can attest to that) and they're useful. I will always own a truck. Besides, you'd look good in a truck. The smaller Tacoma may work for you, but know the gas mileage is no better and it is much smaller in the back.

Although, a diesel VW is what I would drive if I didn't have a truck...but you'll pay double for it right now unless you go out of state to buy it used, you can't go out of state to buy one new.

If you can hold out until 2010, both Chevy and Toyota will be coming out with small block diesels for their 1/2 ton trucks that will get 20mpg or better. Chevy's will be a 4.5L and Toyota hasn't said yet, I don't think. But they will be expensive.

Ok, you obviously hit a topic I like. Cars and trucks. I'll get off my soapbox now.

Hilary Severson said...

Tim, your "beater" is still in its prime. Ours has 275,500 miles on it and was built in 1983. So the way I look at it, you have a lot of catching up to do:)

But if you have to upgrade, we own a 2005 Tacoma extended cab and love it. The back is great for kids, the bed holds everything you need (bikes) and the gas mileage is decent.

Good luck, but I'm voting for hanging on to the beater.


Jeannett Gibson said...

I KNEW Andy would be the first comment! Just a note, if you go with the truck, get the full double'll need that extra room for kids still in car seats and leg room. Know quite a few people who ended up having to make the switch because of kiddos.

Also keep in mind that around the town driving will KILL your mileage...I spend as much (if not more)on gas in my LandCruiser with a job 3 miles from home three days a week as I did in my 4 cyl. Solara driving 38 miles each way to Solvang five days a week. Ugh.

Irish Girl said...

Just get something foreign... they last longer! :)
If you get a truck, expect people to want you to help them move! :)
And hopefully CA gas will be as cheap as TX gas (saw $2.22 today) soon and you won't have to worry as much about the mileage! :)
If you decide you want a Nissan, let me know... I have some connections since I used to work there! :)

Brian Wong said...

I second Andy's vote on the Tundra. They have some pretty darn good financing and cash back deals on them right now. With gas prices as high as they've been, it's hard to move gas guzzlers off the lot.

You will be paying a pretty penny in gas, though. But if you need the room to haul kids and stuff around, that might be the way to go.

Otherwise, I love my 1998 Accord. It'll be at 173k miles by the end of the week (I've been commuting about 500 miles a week since I started driving from Mountain View to Walnut Creek), and it still runs really well. But it sounds like I've got 8 years to go in order to catch up to you.

BTW, my dad calls his old car "high tech" with lots of "security" features. The key gets stuck in the ignition sometimes (a theft prevention mechanism). The paint is chipping (theft deterrent). The doors don't always unlock (makes entry difficult for crooks). The fabric on the ceiling is falling down (impedes visibility, thus making it more difficult to perform a speedy getaway).

So you're definitely not alone in owning a "magic car."

Anna said...

I def say the turbo diesel jetta wagon...with a bike rack on top. I think they are very cool! Oh and black would be the color of choice, though you didn't ask that :-)

With the rack on will give it the rugged look too! haha

AND your wallet will be happy with you when you go to the gas pumps...though i would imagine the jetta costs more than the truck. I think...

Suzette said...

I am taking the Financial Peace University class offered at Grace. So...Dave says "Keep the beeter car and save money. Pay all debts and have 3 - 6 months of expenses in the bank. Then save for another vehicle. When you can pay cash for it then get what you can afford." He also says "Don't beat people up with "Dave says". But it is good advice.

Any way we have been really loving that class. So glad it is being offered at Grace (about time). If you want I will send you the link to "Free Cars for Life". If you keep the old car a little longer, invest the money you would pay on a payment(even -0- interest), then you will have enough to buy the nicer used car. Then keep saving the payment. Eventually you have enough saved to quit adding more money, keep buying another car every six months AND the investment earnings add up to millions over your working life time.

Who knew?

Suzette said...

Sorry not every six MONTHS but every six YEARS you get that nother car.