Thursday, March 03, 2005

21st Century Reformation

Its encouraging to see lots of other bloggers exploring the nature of Christian community. . . .like Brad Hightower, the pastor at Trinity Christian Reformed Church in Artesia, CA. Brad blogs at 21st Century Reformation. I love that name. We need to be "always reforming!" There are some great recent posts. Check it out!

Note: I am 100% Dutch and come from a family with a CRC background. My mom grew up on a dairy farm in the Artesia/Bellflower area and grandma still attends another CRC in the area, Rosewood Church. Some cousins attend yet another CRC in the area. Little known bio facts about me. . . .

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brad said...

You are the man, thanks. Funny thing. I was teaching a bible study last night and coing out of our prayer time. my eye spotted a worn copy of "Life Together" and so I used it in my teaching. Seems we have similar taste in our understnading of the Good Life.