Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Ideal Church & The Death of Athiesm

Another blog I read is It Takes A Church..., written by Tod Bolsinger. Tod is the Senior Pastor at San Clemente Presbyterian Church, located in my old hood. I don't know Tod well personally, but our wives worked together for a time some years back. I enjoy Tod's pastoral approach in his blog. Here are two recent posts that I thought were insightful and worth reading. . . .

Church Musings: What’s Missing from the “Ideal Church”?

CT Article: Atheism is waning because it can't form community

Both posts relate to what folks are looking for in a church and what we are trying to do here at Grace Church, SLO. This is why Growth Groups are so important. Everyone wants the benefits of a large church, but the feel of a small church. People want to belong, not just believe. I do, don't you?


Anonymous said...

How good of you to link to my posts. I didn't know you moved to SLO, but wish you the very best.

Tod Bolsinger

Josh Mock said...

The concept of the "ideal church" is one that my mom and I have discussed recently. Our conversation was more focused, though, on the sad (yet often too true) fact that the larger a church body becomes, the more "complicated" one's Christian walk becomes. This may be unfortunate for new believers as they may get the idea that so much more is required of one's faith than simply accepting Christ's forgiveness and committing their life to His glory. Having this happen over multiple generations can turn a church into a ritualistic society rather than a place where true spiritual growth happens.

I would love to hear (or read!) your thoughts on this sometime.