Sunday, March 27, 2005

Blog Break

Christ the Lord is risen today! Three great Easter services at Grace, SLO this morning!

Our family is taking a week vacation which will involve a total media blackout. . . .no phones, no computer and no blogs. So life together will officially be on break until Monday, April 4. Have a great week!


Jon Furuyama said...

Hey Tim, great sermon on this glorious day! My only beef is that I hadn't seen Million Dollar Baby yet!!!

Other than that, I really enjoyed what you had to say. I've heard much of it at one point or another but it was very refreshing to hear a sort of reaffirmation of what I already believe. Thanks Tim.

helen v. said...

I agree, the sermon was great. I think many seeds were probably planted. You did an excellent job with the proofs.

I would also like to thank Al, the choir, and the orchestra; The music was beautiful. I think everyone had to have been blessed and God glorified. I appreciate the fact that the choir and orchestra spent a lot of time practicing the music for both the Good Friday and Easter services, and spent their entire Easter morning singing and playing for all three services. My family and I were truly blessed.

He has risen indeed!

Brian Wong said...

Well, I will certainly miss reading your daily musings for the next week. However, I hope you have a great vacation, and come back refreshed and ready to continue the enlightening insights.

Pastor Dale Barrett said...

sounds like a need a tape of your sermon. i got a preliminary taste earlier whenw e visited last week. it sounded good. dale

Tim Weaver said...

Dale, all of the preaching at Grace since Tim started here is available in mp3 on the Grace website: