Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Al Mohler: The End of Marriage

Al Mohler, the president of Southern Baptist Seminary, writes a great blog that I read regularly. Yesterday's post is a "must- read" entitled No Fault Divorce--The End of Marriage.

I agree with this statement . . .

Divorce has become so common that many Christian leaders fear creating a tidal wave of offense and resentment if they deal honestly with the issue--or address it at all. Accordingly, successive generations of Christians have now grown to adulthood believing that divorce is simply a lifestyle option.

In a church our size, there are always struggling marriages. Sadly, we often are conformed to the world in our thinking about our individual happiness and fail to see that marriage is bigger than us. As my good friend David Hegg said last year. . . Marriage does not exist to make me feel good, but to make God look good.

In my estimation, most marriages fail because of a lack of brokennesss on the part of one or both parties. Brokenness is the key to our relationship with God and with one antoher. Be praying for struggling marriages at Grace Church, SLO. Work hard on your own marriage for the glory of God and your own good!

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Phillip Moses said...

In an attempt to combat the growing trend of "no-fault" divorces, several states are now offering "covenant marriages" - a legal classification of marriage that requires marriage counseling before getting married (and sometimes after), as well as counseling before a divorce can be finalized (except for instances of infidelity, abuse, and a few other reasons).

This is interesting, but I thought that marriage was already a covenant?

By the way, thanks for not pulling any punches on this subject back in August in "Part 26: Kingdom Community & Marriage - Matthew 5:27-32" (notes). I brought a friend from work that day and it was a great opportunity to talk with her about the supremacy of God's word over our modern culture.