Friday, March 11, 2005

Film Recommendation: Blindspot: Hitler's Secretary

I enjoy the exercise of watching movies and then evaluating them from a Gospel-centered worldview. Has anyone seen Blindspot: Hitler's Secretary? Susie and I watched this chilling DVD last week and came away kind of speechless. It's actually a subtitled documentary, basically an interview with the woman who served as a personal secretary for Hitler during WWII. After 60 years of wallowing in her guilt, she agreed to tell her story. She died very soon after the footage was shot.

Take Away: There is none righteous, no not one. The heart of man is decietfully wicked, who can understand it? We are more sinful than we ever dared believe. Fascinating, but really sad.

I would love to know your reactions to the movie. Go watch it and then leave your comments!

Note: Blindspot could be hard to find at your local video store. We got it from Netflix.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tim, I've been taking some time to look around at the other comments on your blog and noticed this post. Just thought I would let you know that there is a video store down near the corner of South and Broad Streets called The Insomniac that specializes in carrying a very broad selection of films beyond what is merely popular. They are more like a video rental for collectors, and as such I would be quite confident you would find that film as well as many others of interest there.