Saturday, March 19, 2005

Wednesday Evening with Grace, SLO Youth

I had a neat time with the High School and Junior High Youth Groups this last Wednesday. The evening was designed as a "Get to Know the Pastor" night. I came away encouraged by their heart-felt, God-centered worship and the many great questions that were asked. I shared pieces of my story, how I ended up in full-time vocational ministry, about my family, what movies I am watching, what books I am reading, and a bunch of other stuff.

I tried to leave them with the simple truth that there are basically two ways to live our lives. . .

We can live BY self FOR self


We can live BY faith in Jesus and the Gospel FOR God.

We are right now, and every moment of our lives, living in one of these two ways. Each morning we wake up and we begin to live in one of these two ways. I think they heard it.

I hope your youth came home and shared even just a little bit about our sweet time together!

The longer I am here, the more I am getting know names and faces. I am so grateful for Pastor Ken and Judi Peet, Intern Steve & Nikki Dauphin, and the many adult staff who are faithfully investing their lives in the next generation. And I am so encouraged by the better integration I see happening between our youth group and the larger church body.

Shout Out to Grace Youth: You are such a valued and important part of Grace Church, SLO. We love you and give thanks for you. I'll see you in church on Sunday! (Will someone tell them they've been BLOGGED?)

I miss playing foosball!

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