Monday, June 12, 2006

75th Anniversary Road Ride?

So I just got wind that there was a low profile 75th Anniversary Road Ride on Memorial Monday. What's up with that? No one invtied me. Here's the evidence . . .

from left. . . Mark Ernstrom, Steve Leonard, Michael Grainger,
David Leece, Dean Hampton, Rick Wolfe, Scott Morton, and Greg Keough

Now I've heard that David Leece is the man to beat out there.

Lots of cycling going on these days at Grace. . . both road and off road. Give me a holler if you want more info.

1 comment:

jeff said...


Finally some roadies!

Not that the dirt isn't fun. Just enjoy shaking it up. Anybody need some south county experience, let me know.

Fine looking group. Scott (Smith) would proud to see someone wearing the local colors (Arts).

Tim - these guys did it low pro. We call it "closet trainers...":)

Thanks for sharing.