Tuesday, June 13, 2006


It's sinking in this week that Pastor Scott has really left our staff team. We had a pastoral offsite today and he wasn't there. I looked in his office today and it was nearly empty. He wasn't in the worship service line-up this last week. I miss his smiling face.

I read a quote today that caught my attention. . .

Change is hard. Change is hardest on those caught by surprise. Change is hardest on those who have difficulty changing, too. But change is natural; change is not new; change is important.

I agree. Change is hard. Blessings to Pastor Scott & the whole Peterson Family as they seek and serve the Lord beyond Grace.


Andy Gibson said...

Thanks for reminding me, big guy.

Scott was the first face I knew at Grace 8ish years ago because he made the first effort to know me. He did Jeannett and my pre-marital counseling with us four years ago, also.

I'm gunna miss him, because we can never replace him. Praise God for Scott Peterson wherever he goes and whomever he blesses.

Matt & Natalie said...

Scott was the first person we met at Grace as well, after we opened up the phone book to look for a church in SLO. We mistakenly arrived an hour early (darn daylight savings) so he introduced himself and kindly informed us of our error. He did our pre-marital counseling and traveled all the way to Truckee to Marry us.

As we have since moved out of SLO, so we were unaware he is leaving (we try to catch up by reading your blog, Tim).

May the Lord bless his future endevors and let him know we will be praying for him, Ruthie, and the kids.

Matt and Natalie Grummer
(aka Matalie)

Gordon said...

Scott and his family were a remarkable blessing. WRiting the book with Ruthie intertwined our lives in fellowship of the 'book'! :OP

Change is inevitable. Technology advance. People move up. People move down. Life moves automatically with or without us.

Change in inevitable, but our personal progress is not.

Brian Wong said...

My youth pastor used to say, "Change is the only thing that's constant." I've never been much for change, but I think I'm learning to live with it.