Friday, June 09, 2006

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Lisa Lewis said...

Did Sean ever show up? Did you ride Cerro San Luis? Where do you get all your energy? Is. 40:31 is my guess!
Your audio posts are a great inspiration and very conversational. It seems like it might be a cool way to connect with my soon- to- fly- from-the -nest son if we set up a family blog! Ever inspiring us to be about redeeming the culture aren't you? Thanks for teaching us not only God's Word so well, but how to remain connected to current trends in the culture that can be tools in God's hands! Awesome!

Sean Cheney said...

So I log on to the blog for the first time ever to find the most recent post is throwing me under the bus. Hows that for timing. Tim, are you the pastor or the bus driver? I guess I had it coming since I was late. Cant a guy sleep in on his B-day?

Trying to save face,