Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Have you seen this family?

Perhaps you've heard the rumors or perhaps you've already met this friendly family. It's true, my brother Chad and His family have made the leap to the Central Coast. He hung up his VP tech job and he's starting a company called One Source Home Solutions, with another buddy of mine.

Would you believe it? They're renting a house just 7 houses up from us. The cousins are loving it. It's like summer camp.

From left that's Chad, Julie, Nate, Kyle and Julianne. When you see them around, give them a great big Grace welcome.


Jeannett Gibson said...

I saw your brother and recognized him from his blog and thought they were just up visiting! How exciting! But can Grace really handle more than one Theule family??? :0)

Amy Kardel said...

Welcome Theule Unit II! We look forward to getting to know you and wish you luck with your new venture.
This sounds like more mountain biking is in store -- and you'll have to meet the Kardel Units II and III (cousins, not brothers)
Amy and Peter Kardel

Mark said...

One Source Home Solutions? Where were you when we needed you!? Home Depot, look out! Sounds like we'll be needing your services at our house. Welcome to the area, and welcome to Grace! I'm so jealous... my nearest relatives are six hours away! God speed from The Nygaard family.