Thursday, June 01, 2006

update your contact info @ now

If you worship with us at Grace, you can now access and update your personal information online from our website. Give it a go at . . . .

Click Here!

The earliest days of Grace were characterized by creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and cutting-edge use of technology to advance the Gospel here on the Central Coast and beyond. We're committed to the same. To that end, we are pleased to announce the launch of our New Secure Online Congregational Database. We believe this will help us accomplish two important aims:

1. Congregational Care & Shepherding: The growing size of Grace requires that our leadership redouble our efforts to provide care and shepherding for the Lord's people. We believe this is our Biblical charge and we are not satisfied with the level of care we are currently providing. We want to do this better and we recognize this new database as one of many tools to help us in that task.

2. Improved Ministry & Body Life: Our desire is to see every believer at Grace using their time and talents to serve the Lord. Its pretty mind-numbing to keep track of it all. Our new database is a tool to help us do that better by facilitating communication, ministry oversight, event registration and data management. Our database will allow us to broaden and deepen our ministry in exciting ways. Here are some of them. . .
  • It will enable you to update and manage your own personal information from our church website.
  • It will move us toward a realtime, almost current Pictorial Directory by allowing you to upload personal and family photos.
  • It will enable online event registration for picnics, conferences, dinners, services and other special events.
  • It will provide ministry leaders a snapshot of who is involved in their ministry where.
  • It will allow Growth Group Leaders to quickly and easily reach out to their Growth Groups.
We're rolling it out via an email to the the congregation later today, but you "life together" readers get an early sneak preview.

What do you think? Your feedback is always welcome.

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Amy Kardel said...

I stumbled on the link to it yesterday and immediately tried it out! It worked perfectly! Being able to connect with each other is the first step to living the gospel together! I appreciate the effort this must have taken to get in place. Thanks!