Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Welcome Eli Allshouse

Mike & Katie Allshouse just returned home from Ethiopia with their new adopted son, Eli. Welcome to Grace, Eli! Be praying for the Allshouse Family as they integrate one more. . . they're up to four. . . so far.

Grace is starting to get a bit colorful with all these new additions . . . it's about time . . . Who's next?

On the subject of Africa, I just watched this 35 minute NBC News Special called Bono in Africa.

(It's available for free on the iTunes Music Store . . . the link will take you there. . . iTunes required.)

Dude is the real deal and he's making it happen. Attacking the roots of the problems in the name of God. He makes a great point about how the West needs to be involved there to show the world our values and our care. It's good public relations. It's the right thing to do. It's a good investment.

Check out Bono's website at one.org . . .make poverty history.


Erika McGuire said...

I'm so happy for you Mike, Katie, & kids! This sweet little baby could not have come into a more loving family.

lisa Lewis said...

Eli is beautiful! I love to see people really stepping out of a comfort zone and stepping into the arms of Christ for the world. Yeah Allshouse family! Children are a gift from the Lord and blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them! You know a quiver is full with at least 5 arrows? Theules? Allshouses? You are really close! Blessings!

Tim, I'm really glad to see you have found out about ONE; I hope more people from Grace will learn of it through your blog. Thanks for mentioning Bono again; I love the fact he uses his access to influence those in powerful places. We all need to be sharing the gospel at all times and when necessary using words. (Francis of Asissi)

Trav said...

Thanks for putting that up there, Bono is leading a great movement out there, and like you said, it's for the right reasons. Cool stuff

Tim Weaver said...

Go Mike and Katie.
The Lord help you in the transition and parenting.

Brianna Heldt said...

Congrats to Mike and Katie!!! So exciting!

I love Bono and the work he does for the ONE campaign (we've been involved with them since last summer I think). He has done and continues to do so much for Africa.

Thank you for posting the links and putting in a plug for ONE--this is totally an issue that we need to be aware of and tirelessly working for.

Jen Martin said...

Well this is the second time I wrote this? maybe it posted 2x??

Anyway, Congrats to you guys we have been praying for you...

Katie you are my hero - one of the best mom's I know:) keep it up!

should we be expanding on that house or what?? Look forward to meeting Eli soon.

Kevin Heldt said...

Welcome Eli! I look forward to meeting you. Congratulations Mike and Katie! Have fun Molly, Jason, and Emma!

Tim, that link didn't work for me (just some "browser Redirect" unspecified file that did nothing). If I'm not the only one, can you provide further instruction? We had meant to watch it the night it aired but missed it.