Thursday, December 21, 2006

From Kevin Clauseman. . .to God

A man named Kevin who comes to Grace gave me this poem and asked if I might read it in Church as a gift to the Lord. I told him I would post it here at "life together" . . . .

As the moon shines down upon the glistening blue still lake
I feel your love upon my soul

As the eagle flies above the mountain peaks into the clouds
I feel the hope you give me with encouragement

As the stormy waves crash against the rock shores
I feel the strength you give me in my daily life

As the snow flakes float gently to the ground covering everything in a white blanket
I feel your gentle arms around me

As the breeze rustles the autumn leaves in the trees
I hear your words of encouragement

As the pick black sky lights up with bolts of lighting and thunder
I feel your strong but loving hands for when I have done wrong

As the galling winds carve put the canyons in the mountain sides beautiful and smooth but yet sometimes treacherous
I feel this is the path you have chosen for me to take

As cold as the pure water drops off the melting glacier I feel my nerves run as cold
When I approach your throne to ask you for your help and blessing in this special request

As a small child stands in front of his ather white eyed, pure of heart
I ask the Holy Trinity to grant me

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Suzette Lyons said...

What a sweet offering to the Lord. Thanks for sharing this.