Thursday, December 07, 2006


We returned Sunday from a week of trailer camping at Carpenteria State Park. . . just us 6. Slow, relaxed, unplugged, do nothing week together. It was good to get away. Good to be back. Ready for the Christmas crunch which begins this weekend.

Thanks to the other SLO Theules for loaning their trailer. Here's a couple of pics. . .

the 5 I love

skater girls

trailer pizza at Costco Santa Barbara

tired husband, beautiful wife


bryan said...

great pic of you 2.

your family pics also are glad you had a refreshing time.... miss you bro.

we got to get some surf, soon!

Lisa Lewis said...

My favorite picture you have included is titled "5 I love". It's a great picture of everyone, but I especially love Haaken looking at his big brother Zeke! How blessed you are in this realm and the next!

Thanks for sharing your family with us!

Josh said...

Maybe in another year or so, you can post a new picture titled: "the 6 I love" :P