Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Grudem on Women in Ministry

Since we're talking about what's offensive to some. . .

No doubt some might be offended by Wayne Grudem's thoughts on women in ministry. I think Grudem expresses well my own convictions and the convictions of our leadership here at Grace.

Grudem on Women in Ministry

My favorite paragraph is at the very end. . .

The Bible only restricts leadership to men in the home and in the church. It does not make similar restrictions in regard to government or business or other areas of life. The principle here is the sufficiency of Scripture: We need to remain true to everything that the Bible teaches, but not require more than the Bible teaches and not try to become "more conservative" than Scripture itself. We have the principles of male headship in the home and the church, but the Bible also has the principle of equality in the image of God. As men and women we both bear God's image equally (Genesis 1:27), and that means we have equal value and importance and dignity before God and with each other. That principle gives us great freedom to have both men and women lead according to gifts and abilities and callings in areas such as government and business and nonprofit organizations.
It's just as easy to become "more conservative" than Scripture itself. I think we have more places here at Grace where women can and should serve, but because of history and tradition have not. I think we're making slow, but healthy and Biblical progress.

I have had some great conversations about what the Bible says about this issue with those who have come to me asking questions. Most of the time these folks leave my office understanding and encouraged, if not always agreeing completely.

So . . .. (here we go again)

What do you think of Grudem's observations and thoughts?
What do you think about how these principles are or are not being applied at Grace?


Jeannett Gibson said...

I guess for me it really depends on the reasons behind why we would be putting women in ministry positions. If it's because we feel the need to stand up and take our places with a "feminist movement" undertone, then, maybe even just out of spite, I would say no, let's not go there. But if the reason is just that "Hey, maybe this woman is best qualified for the job, or this position or task is done equally well by either sex and we have a willing woman"...then, sure. In some places, like the Children's Ministry (and ahem, Nursery Director) I would presume that women are probably best suited to act in those capacities. Ushering, collecting tithes...again, go for it if it is with a right heart.

Men and women bring a different feel to the way they handle things (typically) and having that diversity, I believe, is important within a church. Not sure how much sense that made, but I thought I'd comment anyway.

Suzette Lyons said...

I like to see men visibly serving in the church as ushers and at the Lord's table. I hope that won't change. It is a visible call to the men of our church to serve the Lord. Rather than add women to these roles I would much rather see us encourage more men to serve expecially in the nursery and as pre-school Sunday School teachers.

You guys need to know what a great example it is for these young boys and how much they love to have men in Sundy School. They are so hungry for male role models even at this young age.

GAIL said...

OK, I will, as a very new Christian, stick my snoot out here and hope I don't appear the idiot!

Did not the Angel at the empty tomb, on that morning (where only women showed up)when Jesus had risen, say to Mary..."go and tell!"

I am not arguing, necessarily, somebody pleasse 'splain it to me.