Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Return of the Cross

Did you see this in the Trib this morning?

Isn't that neat to see? Isn't it great that the local paper still covers stuff like this?

I've heard that a relative of someone who attends Grace owns or did own the building.

Some people have been asking for us to put another cross on our tower. What do you think?

The Return of the Cross

The Tribune
Photo courtesy of David W. Miller

A cross once again sits high atop a church building near the entrance to the Arroyo Grande Village.

Members of Harvest Church at 124 W. Branch St. erected the cross Wednesday.

"It just kind of communicates to the community that the building is a church again," the Rev. Steve Henry said. "The cross is symbolic of the Christian faith; we’re excited to put a cross back up."

The building was constructed in 1887, said Henry’s wife, Jolene Henry.

Several churches occupied the building until about 40 years ago, when it was converted to retail. The cross that used to be on top of the building was removed in 1979.

Harvest Church formed in 2003, Jolene Henry said.

Its members, who now number about 200, met at Lopez Continuation High School on the Nipomo Mesa until they decided a permanent home was needed.

The congregation spent time renovating the building and moved in last March.

— Larissa

Van Beurden-Doust


Josh Mock said...

If I recall correctly, the building is/was owned by the mother(-in-law?) of Mark and Susan Lindgren.

Suzette Lyons said...

I saw the cross in the pictures at the 75th aniversary and I was wondering why they took it down. Do you know?

Josh said...

From what I know, the cross was attached to a bicycle wheel that was laid down on its side. A motor would slowly turn the wheel and the cross.

Eventually the motorized cross broke down - that was the end.