Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What's Next?

In Sunday's message, I talked about the prevalence of advertising in our culture. . . how it's everywhere and all the time. I talked about the advertising coming at us at the supermarket on those slick flatscreen tvs and when you try to separate your groceries from the guy behind you and and the gal in front of you. Here's some more . . . .

And what's up with the checker trying to sell me stuff. . . ."Would you like to buy this ________ that's on special this week?"

I asked in the message "What's Next?"

So let's have a bit of fun this week at Life Together and you tell me "What's Next?" Send me examples of invasive and/or absurd forms of advertising that you notice around our world. Email your pics to me at tim@graceslo.org and I'll post them.

Shane Williams sent me this example, unsolicited . . .


I don't think we even realize all that stuff that's being pitched to us, so let's practice noticing this week together.

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Brian Wong said...

In some sense, might it not be better to just leave those unnoticed ads unnoticed? I suppose one could argue the point that "unnoticed" ads do affect us subconsiously. But as a counter example, I've talked to people and asked them what they think of the Sponsored Links on Google's site, and they asked, "What links?" I went to show them, and they said "Wow, I've never seen those before." It's not that they haven't seen them before, they've been there almost as long as Google has been around. Those people just never noticed them.

Might we be better off in our own ignorance of the ads we're bombarded with?