Thursday, December 07, 2006


While we were in Carpenteria, some of the Grace men were just up the road at Jalama. I wanted to be two places at once. I hear a great time was had by the men. They're talking about next year already. Andy and others log in and share some stories. . .

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Andy Gibson said...

It was an awesome time. Being a bit lazy, cooking breakfast for all, reading, playing bocce ball, playing basketball, ultimate frisbee, and spending some time in the word under Chad's teaching. I can't wait for next year, I enjoyed the loose organization of it, and you didn't even have to be a surfer dude to have a good time. It was even fun just watching them surf. T'was a pleasure to hang with these men and get to know them all a little better through the word. I definitely have my work cut out for my in trying to maintain these new relationships and make them stronger, but it's a challenge I accept.

Couple of notes:
Chad and I can't drive a golf ball for our lives...Travis sure can.
I still have visions of Matt Kokkonen running around in the cold water after his run, don't know if that is good or bad... probably bad :).
Yes, Tim and Chad are a lot alike.
I've been crowned reigning Surfari bocce ball champion, along with my partner in crime, Jason Wilkinson.
I don't know who won ultimate frisbee because I was playing bocce ball.
You don't want to know what a Fipple is (we were playing balderdash), ask Chad.
I couldn't drag these guys into playing monopoly.
Chad makes a mean eggs/cheese/bacon (all mixed) meal.

On a final note, a story, since we are on the blog...Chad, Sean and I are sitting in the trailer waiting for the wind to die down, and Matt Kokkonen walks in. Sean begins to ask him some question, and we have a very good conversation going..on religion, politics, airplanes, etc. Anywyas, when it hits politics, Chad (who I met formally for the first time on this trip) looks over at me and says "Ok Andy, don't think your going to be quiet over there, I've read your blog posts so I know you have an opinion. You have to speak up because I want to hear from you.".....Uh-oh, my reputation precedes me.