Thursday, January 04, 2007

cleaning up

I'm digging the new blogger. It's so easy to quickly change colors, add links and move design elements.

Along with a few other things. I just created two new link categories along the right side. . .

  1. Other Graceslo Blogs . . . where I've listed the other official Grace blogs.

  2. Blogs by Others in the GraceSLO Community . . . where I've listed the links to other blogs authored by those who currently attend Grace (or who very recently used to. . . like our beloved Gordon).
If you attend Grace and would like me to list your blog, drop me an email at It would be fun to gather a list of all the bloggers at Grace. Help me out.

If you'd like me to remove a link to your blog, do the same.

(My brother hasn't posted since summer. Hassle him for me.)

1 comment:

Andy Gibson said...

Let's go Chad. I know you're reading. Make Sean do all the work for an hour and post up!!! Bring that blog back to life!